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Corona Quartet

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

If no further restrictions appear, in a few days, I will have the pleasure to perform with Taiga Kvartet again. This time, among Rautavaara and Beethoven, there will be a composition of mine on the program. Corona Quartet, op. 1. A few words about my piece below.

“Music begins where words end.” (Goethe) The initial bars of Corona Quartet were literally born at the moment as the mysterious virus, Covid-19 hit Europe, and life, as was known to us, came to a stop. Although, I have already made many arrangements and transcriptions for orchestra and violin, these bars were the first of an own composition of mine. I felt the urge to write; I felt the force, the true meaning of Goethe’s words. The piece is rather a small essence, a miniature imprint of the feelings and impressions I had during the period. There are three main sections: an intense, rather hectic introduction, a melancholic “Valse”, representing the sorrowful and hopeless moments of the lockdown, which involves to a simple, slightly grotesque, but happy little melody at the end.

Early on my colleagues at Taiga Quartet agreed to perform my piece, so I had the privilege to write all parts with the player in mind, which made the composition process even more exciting. Might sound commonplace, but it was a journey too: as I wrote down the final chords, I realized, there is no other choice, but to stay optimistic, make and create music – as long, as we can.

I am grateful for Taiteen edistämiskeskus (Arts Promotion Centre Finland), for their trust and support of this project. You can download the score from the link below.

Corona Quartet score
Download PDF • 507KB

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